Light Game November 5th, 2021

Over the past two months, I have worked on a past students project with Brendan. It took a lot of work to re-design and re-code, but it is finally done.

Week 10

This week in Fusion I created a vase and decorated it to have a glass appearance and for code I programmed a square to move in the direction the arrows on your go.

Week 9

This week in Fusion 360 I created EVE the robot from Wall-E and for my code I made ombre green blocks going from light green to black.

Week 8

This week for my fusion challenge I made the Fusion 360 logo and learned a bunch of new functions like crease and from. For my code challenge this week I made different colored circles move up and down and put a slider so you can change the shape of the circles as they move.

Week 7

This week for my fusion assignment we could make anything so I recreated my moms bird statue from West Elm and for mo code I created a clock that doesn’t use numbers and spins for the time.

Week 6

This week I made gears that move in unison, and for my code challenge I made 3 rectangles strobe and had one rectangle more horizontal and two rectangles move vertically.

Week 5

This week I finished my canoe and added all the ribs and spars and for my code challenge I made the eyes on the smiley face follow the arrow when you move the mouse.

Week 4

This week I added to my canoe from last week and made 3 ribs and 2 spars. For my code I used circles and arcs to make a smiley face.

Week 3

This week I made a model of a canoe as a model for the cardboard canoe race. I also coded for a rectangle to move in a continuous circle.

Week 2

This week I created a lamp shade model in Fusion and also worked on my coding skills for the challenge this week.